Daytime tours resume on April 2, 2024.

The Corbin Conservatory, designed by Estate architect Charles Schneider, is in the curved-eave greenhouse design, but its similarity to the Gothic style influences the reference to the glass building as a “conservatory.”

Composed of 4,322 panes of laminated glass, the Conservatory was originally used by the Seiberling family to grow produce and plant materials, in the style of a European  orangerie. The Palm House was also a place of relaxation for the family. A historic replication of the Conservatory, the only structure on the Estate that did not endure in its original structure, was completed in June, 2005.

The Corbin Conservatory is open during regular estate hours. The Palm House is now home to the tropical Garden Under Glass.  The attached production greenhouses are used for changing exhibits and growing plant material for the gardens.

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