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The Manor House is one of the finest examples of Tudor Revival architecture in America.

The Seiberlings chose architect Charles S. Schneider to design Stan Hywet Hall for $150,000. Schneider and the Seiberlings travelled to England and visited well-known homes including Ockwells Manor in Berkshire, Compton Wynyates in Warwickshire and Haddon Hall in Derbyshire, influencing the design of Stan Hywet.

An enormous amount of detail went into building the 64,500 sq. ft. Manor House, including 3,000 separate blueprints and architectural drawings for its design. The groundbreaking took place in early 1912 and the family moved into the Manor House in December, 1915.  To facilitate the delivery of massive quantities of building supplies, a railroad spur was created for transport onto the property. The Seiberlings lived in Stan Hywet Hall for 40 years.

The Seiberlings also hired Boston landscape architect Warren H. Manning and New York interior decorator Hugo F. Huber. For the interior of the house, many furnishings and pieces of art were purchased by Huber in New York, with additional pieces purchased by Huber and the Seiberlings on a trip to England in 1915.

For the exterior, Manning sought inspiration from the natural topography, with the idea that the landscape and house should complement each other. In addition, Manning and Schneider worked together to ensure that the house would be built on a location that would provide for five different overlooks of the Cuyahoga Valley, with allées that extended to allow views of the Lagoon and surrounding foliage.

The Manor House Collections

The Manor House is filled with treasures from around the globe;  its rooms exemplify a minute attention to detail. With 21,455 panes of glass, 23 fireplaces as well as hand-carved paneling of oak, sandalwood and black walnut, it reflects the opulence of the early 20th century.

Every room tells its own story of the Seiberlings’ lifestyle — from the Billiard Room where Mr. Seiberling entertained his business associates and sealed deals over a brandy and good cigar, to the ornate Music Room with the beautiful and rich sound of the Aeolian Organ. It's where famous celebrities like Will Rogers and Shirley Temple entertained the Seiberlings and their family and friends. About 95% of the furnishings are original to the Estate.

Daytime tours resume on April 2, 2024.

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