Adult Group Programs
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Group Programs for Schools, Homeschoolers, Day Care Centers, Camps & More
All group programs happen rain or shine, and include a self-guided tour of the Manor House, Gate Lodge, Corbin Conservatory and gardens. These programs are ideal for school groups, home school groups, day care centers, camps, etc. 

Birding Adventures

  • Grades Pre-K - 3 (LIFE SCIENCES)
  • Discover a variety of birds in your own backyard by first learning how to identify common birds by sight and sound

Butterflies in Bloom  

  • Grades Pre-K – 3 (LIFE SCIENCES)
  • Discover the importance of butterflies and pollinators that call Stan Hywet home, then feed a real butterfly in our butterfly habitat

Hawks, Fox, and Deer, Oh My! 

  • Learn how a variety of animals found here at Stan Hywet survive and thrive

Nature Photography

  • Explore photography as a form of art through a variety of photographs taken by Willard Seiberling
  • Take your own photos of plants and animals in the unique gardens and historic structures
  • Bring your own camera or device; a limited number of devices will be available to borrow

Intro to Canalway Questing  

  • Discover “Questing,” a low-tech treasure hunt game using clues and rhymes to uncover overlooked features, locations and unique stories about the Seiberling family and their estate

Intro to Geocaching  

  • Explore the hidden treasures of Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens while learning about geocaching, a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices
  • Before you visit, please download the app on
  • Limited GPS devices available to borrow from Stan Hywet

Nooks & Books

  • Grades K – 2 (LITERATURE)
  • Join us on a trek through the Manor House and grounds while listening to passages from classic children’s books

Stan Hywet Rocks!

  • Use your senses to make observations and discover how a scientist studies rocks and minerals
  • Learn how different rocks were used to build and design the Seiberling estate more than 100 years ago

Virtual Programs

“Beyond the Gate: Virtual Stan Hywet”

  • These interactive online video sessions take 3rd-5th grade students on 30-minute adventures that uncover the back story behind Stan Hywet’s historic gardens, grounds and Manor House
  • After each session, students will be given a “challenge” that builds on concepts aligned with Ohio State Social Studies, Art and/or Math standards
  • Classes of up to 30 students may sign up for one or more sessions or the entire series for a 20% discount

Who is Stan?

  • Ever wonder how Stan Hywet got its name or who lived here and for how long? Well, here’s your chance to find out! (SOCIAL STUDIES, ART)

Planning with Manning

  • Learn what it took to convert a few farms and a bunch of huge holes in the ground into a luxurious country estate then get a birds-eye view of the gardens and grounds to discover a variety of design features. (SOCIAL STUDIES, ART, MATH)

Home Sweet Manor Home

  • Pack your bags as we “fly” to England to see the castles that inspired Stan Hywet’s architect. Then, it’s back home to discover a few of the features that make our Manor House so special. (SOCIAL STUDIES, ART, MATH)

Inside Out/Outside In

  • During this adventure, we’ll show you how an indoor hallway and an outside tree tunnel merged and how a sunset in the Manor’s “backyard” can be seen from the front! (SOCIAL STUDIES, ART, MATH)